Birth Cohort Project

About the Portsmouth Birth Cohort Project

The birth cohort project is based at the University of Portsmouth and will track the health and well-being of babies born in Portsmouth. We will use this information to find out about the different factors that help babies to grow up healthily. Ultimately, we hope that we can develop interventions to ensure that many more babies in Portsmouth are able to grow up to be healthy adults.

Researchers in this project are working closely with Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust and the Portsmouth City Council to collect information about the health and needs of babies in Portsmouth. This will help to shape future policies and ensure that that these children and future generations of children in Portsmouth are given the very best start in life.

Mothers of all of the babies born in Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth in 2016 will be invited to take part in the study. Specially trained midwives will be available to talk to women as they wait for their routine antenatal ultrasound clinic. The research midwives will tell the women more about the study and answer any questions that they might have. Babies of women who want to take part in the study will then be followed up as they grow up.

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